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Ohana! Live, Love, Laugh (Final) by ushida
Ohana! Live, Love, Laugh (Final)
So the other day, someone asked me if I had any major regrets in life. I immediate replied, I don't live life with regrets. This morning I was doodling, and doing some hard reflecting on the last few years, and yea, I do have a large regret, My step daughter. And no not in a bad way. My biggest regret is that I couldn't be part of her life sooner. That I couldn't be a second stable adult figure sh...e needed in her life when she was little. So I could shield her from the pain of wondering why one of her parents walked out. So that if she needed to cry while her mom was at work. I could be there for her. so that if someone was working, she still had someone to go to school functions with. So that she never had to know what rejection was. I drew this as a vow that she would never have to feel like that again. That I would always be there for her and her mother. Im a proud step mom and I'll always be there for them.
To those that celebrate it. Happy Halloween to you and your families.
Neko and her Scooter. by ushida
Neko and her Scooter.
Recently joined a ShadowRun 4.0 group on campus. Today was our first meeting. So here is the character I designed for the campaign. Her name is Tel'Mara and she is a Technomancer. Making a humble living running a junk shop outside of the ruins of Chicago.


ushida's Profile Picture
Teela Reene Sucacin
United States
Im 28 years old.

College: Purdue Calumet
Major: History with a minor in English

I live in NW Indiana with my Girlfriend of 2 years.

Favorite Food: BBQ Pork Fried Rice
Favorite Drink: Dr Pepper, Budweiser with lime

Favorite Anime: Welcome to the NHK, SwordArtOnline 1-2
Favorite movie: LOTR trilogy, The Hobbit

Favorite music: Mostly Japanese pop and easy listening.

Favorite Videogames: Skyrim, APB reloaded, World of Warplanes.

Dog or Cat: most definitely prefer cats.

Hunting: If I can eat it and its in session I'm sure as hell not afraid to kill and prep it.
Never thought in my wildest dreams I'd ever get almost 12k views. You guys are awesome. <3  Thank you for all your support. Especially those other artists who took the time out of their days to give me tips and pointers. Currently I'm Wrapping up my first semester of my Sophomore year up at Purdue Cal. My Class load allows me plenty of time to draw and spend quality time with my fiancée and her step daughter.  Just wanted to say thank you to all of you. And thank you for following me.

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I'm always jealous of anyone who can draw better than me.

In a good way those, I adore your art. :D
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Thank you, I appreciate it.
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Why thank you. :3
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